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Japanese street food restaurant

'Amama' is a not your traditional Japanese restaurant. It has a contemporary, fashionable vibe that integrates old-traditional Japan.

The inspiration for the restaurant concept derived from both the transportation and refrigeration of fresh fish, and the high-end, humorous approach to Japanese fashion design; these two themes are on the outskirts of our understanding of Japanese design, and formed a new kind of Japanese design.

'Amama' is full of diverse, humorous, and elegant details that were carefully selected and designed. The combination of elegant and repurposed materials layered with humorous elements creates a special and memorable experience for the customer and a vibrant atmosphere in the restaurant.

For example, we used refrigerator vegetable plastic drawers to create a unique dividing wall between the kitchen and the bar. For contrast, we placed this wall into a structure resembling an old rustic shack in the countryside of Japan. This element opens up the restaurant during daylight by letting the light from the kitchen into the restaurant. By nighttime, the drawer divider becomes a lively projection wall of images and references with entertaining content from the streets of Tokyo.

Photography: Gidon Levin

Branding: roof studio

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