North TLV Apartment

GS/N apartment is a renovation project located in Tel Aviv, with an area of 100m² designed for four family members.

Our clients travel around Europe a lot, visit plenty of high-end hotels and restaurants, and so, their dream was an apartment with a timeless hotel look that will give them a feeling of a vacation at home.

That was our design motif. We treated the living space and the kitchen as a continuous unit using the same materials, making the space feel bigger. Using a dark metal finish ceramic floor, we gave the space contrast to place all other bright elements on top. A bright oak wood wall starts from the entrance of the space and goes through to the terrace, providing warmth to the space.  Customized light fixtures were made in collaboration with a lighting designer. They are all made with a combination of brass and glass also adding to the warmth of the space. All technical light fixtures are either black or white integrating with the different surfaces.

The master bathroom is the heart of the design in the parents room. All walls are glass with different textures making the room feel bigger and brighter. A marble covered wall divides the room into two, and makes a great impact when entering the room.

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