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Nithan Thai - Berlin


Nithan Thai Berlin is a high-end, traditional Thai restaurant, the sister restaurant to Nithan Tel Aviv.
The restaurant is directed by Michelin chef, Shahaf Shabtai, and is located in East Berlin – a grungy hipster oriented area, making the restaurant`s design stand out from the area.
The space is long and narrow and was divided into two levels:
In the lower level, which is the street level, we placed lounge seating looking towards the street and a central bar in the middle of the area inviting customers to have a look at the bartender in action.
The shape of the bar blurs the lines between the customer and the bartender and its location shows from the street that the restaurant is a nightly hangout place.
The upper level contains a versatile seating area that can host different kinds of occasions. The background is the window that connects the kitchen area with the restaurant, where customers can get a glimpse of the chef and the beautiful dishes he creates.
We used colors and materials that emphasize the royal rich Thai culture – dark walnut wood, brushed brass, rattan mesh, and custom-made traditional light fixtures.

berlin plan.jpg
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