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American diner 

‘The Pancake House’ is a nostalgic 60's America-influenced diner.

As we first walked into the original restaurant space, we were immediately inspired by the restaurant's kitchen and spotted a design opportunity.

In the massive industrial kitchen, we found different types and sizes of electric mixers, dough blenders, and chocolate shakers. We immediately knew that the shape of these large wiry elements would make a striking light fixture.

We decided to design a diner that focuses on the pancake-making process as a design guideline.

We chose to create a separate area near the entrance formed by a large wooden cabinet displaying over 100 units of pastel-colored pancake mixers. This design element shouts: “We make lots of pancakes, but each one is made with love!”

On the kitchen wall, we installed a long textured glass window with a diner-like round structure, which shows the hustle and bustle of the employees' movement without exposing them completely.

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